Faith In Unity.

– The truth is the most painful blessing, life said. Life has¬†continuously took all the winds out of my romantic sails. You can relate. These days many people seem MIC to me. (Made In China) Made,¬†manufactured and shipped out to the wrong¬†destination. You¬†can’t possibly pose as a savior when in reality¬†you’re¬†a predator. ¬†Why open the heart of someone, gain full access but never¬†plan to love them back? What a nefarious inhumane act to¬†bestow upon any lover. Let’s explore thy Hopeful Romantic’s Heart.¬†

– What is your heart made of? Have you¬†ever dreamt of Venus? What an electric feeling, to dream about the¬†planet of love. With the right love, we discover a new love for ourselves. Just don’t be a walking condom ad.¬†Your better than that. I know we all search for a trail to follow… and our nights seem to be filled with the terror of¬†loneliness. But What if our realities could embrace? What if the best part of you is actually all of you? What if we gave your pain meaning? Can our pupils dilate in darkness and in the end find light together? Will you allow me to show you parts of yourself you¬†didn’t even know were there? I will hold on with you, and we will never have to take shortcuts because I¬†don’t¬†want you to be cut short. I only desire to swim in¬†your oceans, soak in your truths, your dreams, your goals and your vision. Are you¬†open to the idea of me¬†navigating your¬†weak zones? I will¬†protect them as my own. It’ll ¬†be proven as I tear down my¬†fortresses. I want you to take your time with me, so you can see and¬†analyze our¬†efforts as a collective. You¬†won’t be investing alone. Together we will build our¬†imperial¬†atmosphere, kiss by kiss, touch by touch, emotion by emotion and brick by brick. Put the weight of the world on my shoulders, I can take it when it gets too¬†punderous¬†for you. Leave it to me. Let’s¬†not miss out on each other…

– I hope when fate allows our paths to cross, you¬†surround¬†yourself with those who inspire you to be your¬†true self. I¬†can’t¬†wait to hear about how you have¬†fallen in love, not necessarily with a significant other, but with your life and yourself. I hope your confidence has¬†strengthened to an extent that you embrace¬†all that you already have¬†and not what you¬†don’t. Please care more about what you think of yourself versus what people think of you. Always get up taller and stronger when you fall, wether¬†you¬†walk or crawl, set your goals and achieve them all. This is the inner power¬†everyone should come come into. But most of all, always¬†remember you are more powerful than you currently know.¬†Monitor your thoughts, moods, and emotions. This will help¬†you see how¬†you’re¬†every moment is created. Pay attention. It is you creating it all,¬†it’s¬†always been you. Your a¬†winner with the right prize.¬†

РWhen your lost and searching for me, I hope you find everything you need. I will show you how my eyes and heart remember how to love the world under changing skies, cause when the prominent light changes, ultimately the view also disintegrates. 

¬†If¬†you’re¬†ready will you swim in the waters that once¬†drowned me? ¬†

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