Feeding Ground

Even our impulses are shaped by our habits.


Even our impulses are shaped by our habits.

Did you know that cravings are learned? Yes, it’s true. From the time we are babies, our taste buds are trained. We learn to like the foods that we are exposed to earliest and most often; a baby will only flatly refuse food based on texture, not taste. Similarly, or impulses (or the things that we crave to do), are also shaped by exposure and habit. Giving in to calm, peace, achievement, or inquisitiveness will train your brain to crave that. And if you give in to the urge to argue, fight, brood, or become distant, this will eventually be what you crave as well.

Many people who claim to hate drama seem to have drama following them like a shadow. Why is this? Because they subconsciously crave and either actively or passively create drama in their lives to satisfy that craving. Their subconscious mind has become a breeding ground for negativity and toxicity, because this sort of stimuli is what energizes them; too much calm fills them with anxiety, and drama has become their normal.

No one wants to think that they might be playing a hand in their own distress, but just in case you’re unsure, and you would genuinely like to stop this behaviour if you’re guilty of it, try this experiment: For the next seven days, resist the urge to argue or debate or “educate” others. For the next seven days, avoid even witnessing other people’s drama (Yes, that means no reality television). For the next seven days, ignore the impulse to be inflammatory or contrary on social media for attention; yes, even if you’re in the right. Try to reset your brain to crave the calm of not expending your energy feeding your subconscious craving for toxicity. Good luck!

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