Feeding Pump

Another adventure in special needs land!

I decided to change my daughter’s feeding method a month ago. At the time, I had no idea it would be an adventure. My daughter is tube fed and complains of stomach pain almost daily. I consulted with a nutritionist and we decided that instead of bolus feedings, she would use a feeding pump that would dispense one can of formula over an hours time. This will give my daughter’s body more time to digest the nutrients. She faxed her recommendations to my daughter’s primary physician. It took two weeks (in the season of covid) for the office to write the prescription and send it to the pharmacy.

The pharmacy told us that her insurance wouldn’t cover the pump because she’s over the age of 21. Instead of waiting months for waiver services to provide the pump, I purchased it myself. It arrived yesterday!!! It didn’t come with the bags needed to hold the formula so I had to call around to find a place with bags. They should arrive by the end of the week.

What a journey! I shared this to say, that sometimes what seems like a simple decision becomes a time consuming task. Patience is most often what’s needed as a parent and caretaker. 

I hope you’re staying well and giving yourself and your loved ones extra grace and kindness. Stay blessed.

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