Feel Free to Babble

Sometimes we need to just talk and release all the pent up feelings inside. Decisions and options weigh so heavily on us, that we second guess ourselves.. Your opinion matters. You matter.

As infants start to make sounds, they begin to enjoy the sound of themselves. They just like to coo and laugh. They don’t care where they are, or who they’re laughing and talking with. They create their own little conversations, even when no one is listening, and just talk to themselves. I’ve called it ‘Babbling’.

As an adult, we may not start off having the ability to feel comfortable with talking and laughing, BUT, we can end up having it.

That’s my plan. 

Did you know that many therapist, well let me speak for my own,therapist, has someone, a mentor, that they confide in? Mentors need mentoring too. Often times we just need someone to listen. It’s nothing wrong with having someone to, ‘babble to’. For me, it’s a release to be able to talk to someone that I know that will not judge me. Someone that knows all my secrets and I do not have to be concerned if it’s going to the grave with them. It’s like an audible diary except it expresses and replies when needed. Sometimes, it’s like a child’s favorite stuffed animal. It just sits and listens. 

Do you need to ‘Babble’?

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