Feeling Alone?

As you’re on your journey of healing and rediscovering yourself, its normal to feel isolated. Especially if your current circle of family and friends have not chosen the same pursuit of wholeness, you will certainly feel alone. Often times, its hardest to be the first one in your community to pursue healing at a deeper level. Its foreign to them and to you.

The isolation is necessary to your process, but its temporary. The danger is, you may begin to believe that this is what life will always be like for you. Feeling you’ll always be alone and misunderstood. You’ll even start to convince yourself that familiarity to the toxicity of your past is worth the regression. Meaning don’t call that ex… You can’t outrun you. That discomfort you’re feeling now will return along with the guilt of reopening that door.

In order to keep moving forward, you must be diligent in protecting your environment. Right now you’re extremely vulnerable because you’re digging up the root of issues you’ve buried for a while. As you do that, you’ll need to ensure you are extremely selective about who has access to you. What others say and do will have a profound impact on your progression until you learn to reposition them in your life. For now, you need the space, accept it, embrace it, and get some great encouragers in your corner. If you have no one, I’m here for you and praying for you. You’ve got this!

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