Five Ways To Improve Your Marriage (Or Relationship) Instantly

Here is a list to improve you marriage (or relationship) instantly:

1. Talk to your mate with respect – in a normal tone and not cutting them off when they are speaking.

2. Listen to their genuine concerns and make overt action to address the concerns reasonably with sincerity. Example, “I never meant to make you feel that way. I will work on making sure you do not feel that way again.” Now, take actual steps to not make them feel that way again.   It may take time to break a habit, but the bad habit should become fewer if you act with intent (think before you do). The reasons why mates argue about the same issues over and over again is because the person never put into action what they said they would do. The conversation came to an end, but the issue was not resolved, the action (to do) never began or the behavior (to stop) never ended.

3. Do not argue about trivial things – If it is not a foundational issues (things that conflict with one’s morals, values, beliefs, ethics) or things regarding betrayal or mistreatment, let it go. Sometimes, it is best to pick your battles. Nagging does not look good on either mate.

4. Work on yourself – So often we look at the flaws of our mate and hope that they change, that we forget we are far from perfect. Looking at ourselves and becoming a better person and mate, can help the other mate to show the best version of themselves, without the constant criticism.

5. Smile at your mate often and speak in a happy-loving voice – This is not the same as speaking with respect. This is speaking as if you are in love and happy. Your smile and tone can change the energy of your mate and your entire day. This tip is such as game-changer that it really should be first on the list. It is so powerful, because it is the first change your mate notices, especially if you did not do this often. You must be consistent and genuine in this step. Anything less, will make you appear fake or not really making a change. Of course, doing this in a serious conversation can also come across as ingenuine.  

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