Focus on your Purpose

"Our gifts do not come from our peers. Our gifts come from within our hearts." Robin GK

This is not a post about comparison stealing your joy. This post is about your Personal Purpose. I have a Musician friend who once told me that they do not listen to other musicians music. At that point in my life, I thought that was kind of silly. I thought wouldn’t you want to be inspired by the other music out in the world? Now I get it. Our gifts do not come from our peers. Our gifts come from within our hearts. And if we allow the road noise to drown out the the music of our heart, then we will lose our way. I follow people for motivation. Then sometimes I admittedly unfollow those same people if I get too focused on what they’re doing, or how fast they’re moving. For example, I follow all of the Life Coaches on @mymentorusa I love to read what topics they speak on, and hope it will give me perspective. But if I get too caught up in they’re way, I lose my direction. We’re not here to follow anyone but God. We are here to Lead. You can not Lead without focus. You have your own style for a reason. Nobody else can drive a point home like you. Your Heavenly Father has chosen your route. So Relax, and enjoy the ride. PSALMS  33: 11-12 “But the decisions of Jehovah will stand forever. The thoughts of his heart are from generation to generation. Happy is the nation whose God is Jehovah, The people he has chosen as his own possession.” ROBIN GK

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