Focus Your Gaze

"Focus your gaze on the eyes you see in the mirror and watch how your perception changes." 👀❤💯 RobinGK81

This goes for all relationships in your life. Whether it’s a romantic relationship, a friendship, a mentorship, etc. I can’t say that I’m going to keep God out of this one, because of the picture I chose. Because God is in everything I do, because God is within me. Of course we know that we are accepted through God which should be enough for all of us. But there’s is another person who you have to go through. That person is YOU. I was a shy kid. I was an insecure child. I did not put myself out there. Now I’m the opposite, and I’m proud of myself for it, because that was a long, hard road for me. But I walked it, being judged, ridiculed, rejected… In those moments I felt disposable. I felt like giving up. Why don’t they like me? I thought, “I was so nice, I gave my all, I showed up…” Now I don’t think about any of that. I just DO ME. I already know that I’m going to give my all. I already know that I’m going to show up. I already know that I’m nice. And I love myself for it. I love myself for being reliable, sweet, genuine, accountable. That is enough for me. 😊 For some people you’re going to be too much of something, and for others not enough of it. You gotta get over caring about other peoples standards, and start showing up for yourself! God knows I’m both beautiful & ugly. God knows I can ruin a cute pair of pjs with my ugly mug, or wear a cute outfit like nobody ever has or will again. I’m not worried about what God thinks about me, because I already know he loves me, and adores me for being my best self. That’s because I show up for him too. Focus your gaze on the eyes you see in the mirror and watch how your perception changes. 👀❤💯 RobinGK81



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