follow for follow

So I recently saw a post on IG that reminded me of the Bible Study I participated in, as well as something I read during a devotional I am following on the Bible App…then it hit me!

Am I being led by the Spirit of God or man-made algorithms?
The truth is, many of us are distracted by so much technology, and not that God isn’t in it, but are we truly seeking God? Our intention should be to seek out God through His Word and prayer and (at times) fasting.
If you are in a sea of confusion, it may be because the only “church” you attend is dictated by an algorithm. God is much bigger than that!
Make sure you are connecting with other believers on a regular basis, not just watching them, and consistently meditating on the actual Word of God, not just other people’s interpretations of it.
You’ve got this!

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