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Once upon a time I met a guy & my intuition began to scream “DANGER!, DANGER!, ABORT MISSION”. I’ll tell you why and then I’ll tell you the key to how to know the intentions of any dude in your life. Aight so  boom, this dude was hiding me…We talked regularly on the phone, FaceTimed, and would go on super cute (but very simple)dates (not that I mind a simple date, I could just feel he was doing the bare minimum to keep me, intentionally)   and he insisted on not meeting my family. (He would park REALLY far when he picked me up and end calls when he knew I was around my family who might potentially ask who I’m on the phone with). He wanted us “to get to know each other first” lmao and of course I fell for all of it. Silly me…BUT in the midst of all this I was still praying, asking God why I feel so uneasy about us because I wanted it to be the real deal. and ladies and gents…GOD TOLD ME EVERYTHING (everything I needed to know) from his issues with women and his false perception of what a woman really is. He also told me about the OTHER woman that were currently in his life and that’s why I had to be a secret and  also why he didn’t want to meet my family. He had no plans in taking me serious y’all. In conclusion, he hid me, and what we had from his mom, dad, siblings, cousins, friends, pets, my folks ……but he couldn’t hide ANYTHING from God and God LOVES ME and would never leave me in the dark even though this dude tried to. What he didn’t understand is that his parents are mortal, my parents, his pets, family, other ladies, all of them are mortal and could be deceived just as easily as I was. They shouldn’t have been his concern from jump. He should’ve feared GOD. The one who loves me, the one who wants to protect me, the one who wants keep my purity MORE than my earthly father who sleeps upstairs in the room above mine. If I had been aware of this truth years ago, I could’ve saved myself from so much heartache. The key: YOU ARE EXTREMELY LOVED BY GOD.HE IS YOUR FATHER AND NO ONE WILL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO PLAY YOU ONCE YOU’RE AWARE OF HOW VALUABLE YOU ARE TO GOD. 

IG: ann_douee

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