Forgive Yourself! It’s OK to Make Mistakes

Everyone has done something that they regret... where that decision somehow changed the trajectory of their life. But...I want you to know...that it's OK to make mistakes.

Have you ever confided in someone and expressed some deep shame or guilt over a bad decision you made, only for the person to respond, “You’re too old to make mistakes”? Or perhaps you’ve told yourself “I should have known better” concerning a certain situation that did not turn out the way you wanted and may have even hurt you and others in the process. Take a moment to think about it. Umm, hmmm. I hear a resounding “YES, yes, yes.” 

But everyone has done something that they regret or wish they could undo or change. Everyone has had poor judgment concerning a situation where that decision somehow changed the trajectory of their life. But what I want you to know is that it’s OK to make mistakes at any age.

Mistakes in our twenties can be blamed on the undeveloped frontal lobe which is responsible for reasoning and impulse control. But lapses in judgment at any age are most likely due to ignorance (lack of knowledge, guidance, or understanding), carelessness, and inexperience. We don’t know what we don’t know and many of us learn from experience or modeling – the examples we saw growing up.

The truth is, wisdom doesn’t necessarily come with just age but rather with living life and learning from the life you’ve lived – the good, the bad, the victories, AND the failures. Do you know what else comes from mistakes? Creativity comes from mistakes. Mistakes can also be a catalyst for success and maturity, and you can mature at any age. Humans are continually evolving and ever learning and the main way we learn is by living life – “going through” things – and everyone’s “go through” is different.

So don’t let anyone convince you that you’re too old to make mistakes. It’s like saying you’re too old to be human, too old to learn, to believe, or to hope to do better in the future. The key is to learn from those mistakes, to become wiser, to figure out what to do better next time, and to figure out what you learned about yourself – your limits, your likes, dislikes, value system… the list can go on.

So, don’t beat yourself up! Don’t listen to the judgmental voices – the negative noise. FORGIVE YOURSELF for not knowing or doing better and change the narrative. Use the misstep for motivation and positive change. Embrace the power of the mistake!

Bottom line: WE ALL make mistakes because WE ALL are human. WE ALL will judge ourselves and others, and we ALL will be judged by ourselves and others. But the only voice we can control is ours. So rather than saying “I’m too old…”, or “I should’ve known better,” say “Now I know better so next time I’ll do better”…. then silence the rest of the noise. 

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