Forgive Yourself

"Forgiveness is giving yourself permission to release yourself from the chains of your past."

Imagine living life with a ball and chain tied to one of your legs. No matter how bright the sun is shining or the beauty all around you, it would be hard to enjoy life. Unforgiveness is like this, it prevents you from really living and experiencing the now. I struggled with the ability to forgive myself for years. It was easier to hold myself accountable for the things that happened to me than to accept that those who hurt me would never apologize. I held myself captive and it caused me a lot of misery, pain, and anger. I wanted justice! I was hurt by the way I had been treated and I wanted those who hurt me to pay for what they did to me. My anger turned inward and I beat myself up for allowing myself to get into toxic situations and for letting people mistreat me. The truth was I didn’t know any better. I didn’t have the knowledge and wisdom I needed to make sound decisions in relationships. I simply repeated the things I witnessed growing up. I needed to forgive myself for my ignorance and give myself the grace that God had already given me. The three things I learned about forgiving myself are:

-You must make peace with the past and give yourself closure. Waiting for closure from another person gives them power and leaves doors open.

-If you don’t deal with your emotions they will turn toxic and affect every aspect of your life. If you’re not careful it can lead to depression.

-Forgiveness isn’t letting the offender go, it’s releasing yourself from the prison you created for yourself through the chains of your past.

If you’re struggling with unforgiveness today, I speak healing over your life. Words are powerful! You have the authority to speak healing and blessings over your life. I declare that you are free from the pain of your past. You are free to forgive yourself. The things that once held you back won’t hold you back any longer. Let inner healing be released in every aspect of your life. May joy and peace overtake you because you are free from unforgiveness.

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