Faith gives us the strength needed to forgive & forgiveness opens the door to healing! Forgiveness is not about the individual who may have caused you harm, forgiveness is all about you! It’s you acknowledging what may have happened to you, owning it, & then boldly declaring that the situation does not define you! The situation does not determine your destiny! The situation has NO authority over your  life! Your assignment in  this life is too important to allow anyone that much power over you! It’s hard to soar when you have unnecessary baggage weighing you down! Choosing to forgive does not excuse the individual’s behavior or actions, it does not mean you have to reconnect with that individual, it does not mean you are weak! It’s simply you leaving it with your Heavenly Father, making peace with the reality of the situation, showing no diabolical intentions & moving forward with your life! We can’t control others, but we can control the role we allow them to play in our lives! Forgiveness isn’t easy, but it’s definitely necessary! Forgive who you need to forgive so that you can so that you can start to heal. Peace & blessings to you 😇

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