If you are on a path of spiritual growth/healing then you have to know the importance of forgiveness. Forgiveness is a fast track to freedom. Thoughts of anger,shame, and guilt etc towards the past will leave you STUCK. Something’s will be easy to release and let go , while others it seems you have to work on over time. Forgiveness is not excusing the behavior from the person, but it is letting the feelings that you have towards them or the situation go. Forgiving the person also does not mean you have to continue a relationship of any kind with the person . While working through forgiveness you will often find that you will also need to forgive yourself. Quite often forgiving yourself for most people is sometimes the hardest. I know while I was healing that was one of the more challenging aspects. If you are ready to forgive, all you have to do is be willing. That is the first and most important part of forgiveness, everything else will fall into place. The process isn’t always easy, but remember to give yourself lots of love. Take it easy on yourself and don’t criticize. A positive outcome is a sure result.

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