What really is forgiveness you may wonder? Well, it is sure not just a word. It is not an idea you have then you say, I think I can but he or she needs to first. Never again will I trust him or her, why would I… Yeah they ought to but they are thinking the same thing you are. They need to apologize first. They need to own up to what they said or what they did first. They should have been acting their age. Nobody talks to me like I am a child. I am a grown… assess the situation and adjust your mirror. You are the only one in the mirror.

When you set a caged bird free, they sometimes do not fly off immediately. They linger around looking, chirping, wondering, what to do but then they realize they have wings. They spread them, flap them and they are off. It did not seem like it took too long but if you were that bird…wait you are that bird, you realize that if you do not forgive you will stay in that cage. You will be confined to that same wall, that same, that same memory of that fight, that same trigger of that pain. You will have the constant thought of his or her arguments in the front of your mind making you cry. Having you lower yourself to their level. You will think that you do not matter. Just picture the poor caged bird walking back and forth, flapping its wings but not being able to go anywhere…


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