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Free me from Myself

Free me from Myself

Free me from the prison I’m in.

Not a physical prison with aged old bars and floors, but

The prison with old mind sets and rehearsed memories played over

And over again.

Telling me I cant do this and I will never achieve that.

This prison has held me captive to long.

Its taken over me.

Free me from this mess I’m in.

I need to be set free.

My feet are glued to the ground.

I feel like im in quick sand.

Im screaming from top of my voice HELP, butno one hears me.

Why? Because my cry is within .

My mouth is shut tight, but my eyes are filled with tear drops

Zillions of words are flowing from each drop.

Someone free me from this mess im in.

I’m tired of falling in the same trap.

When will I learn that everyone can’t have my energy.

Everyone can’t have me.

When will I learn that I can’t make everyone go on the destiny that God has given to me.


Everyone cantGO.

Free me God from this mess I’m in.

I’m sitting in my own filth.

I feel so weighed down .

Look at this mess I’m in.

Don’t you see, How tornI am GOD?

From within.

Please come free me from myself.

Come tear down these walls

I feel like they are caving in.

Please Free me from myself .

I cant bare the pain I’m in .

They tell me, prison is worst than this , but I can’t tell.

I feel like I’m in quick sand and my mind is sinking deep deep deep within.

YO…. This migraine is like aged jail cell bars that’s saying “No we can’t let you go, you will stay with us until the end.”

I’m screaming Free me from the chains I’m in .

God, can’t you see.

This is truly not the real me.

Iwant to be Free

I cant take this mess anymore.

Please come set me Free.

So I can fly , like the eagle that’s emerging into the sky .

So I can fly , so , so , so HIGH above all the crazy mess inside YES…

Yes the mess inside….

And then…. I heard a still soft voicereplay.

My child you are FREE

I FREED you over 2,000 year ago..

But, you see..

It takes stages, Its takes you facing the old phases…

It takes receiving and then it takes you believing.

Believing , I will never leave you nor forsake you .

Believing my grace is just for you.

Believing your value comes only from me you see.

Believing , In Me and not he.

I justFREED you from yourselfagain, just now

Don’t you know, when I speakthe wind , the rain, the world has to obey my every command.

I say yes, I just FREED you just now.

So obey!

By Kawania Brickhouse

I pray my poem as uplifeted your spirits and i hope you come back to reread again. Better yet I pray you make your appiontment for your coaching session for more revelation.

 I have a painting I posted thats entitled Freedom.

I painted it years ago . My thoughts when I painted it was. I visualized myself screaming to the top of my voice the word FREEDOM… As I released that word it echoed across the world like a gosh of wind and waves hitting and freeing every man , woman girl or boy. That they are now FREE.  



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