Someone paid a mighty price for our freedom! -Celestine The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. -Psalms 23:1 Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. -Psalms 51:10

I have had so many great, good, and indifferent relationships that impacted my life.  Because I let them!  My Mother use to say to me that I was very different and nothing like my other siblings, because I always thought about the why in all of the types of relationships I had been having.  You see I’m a thinker, and a Daddy’s girl.  I  always understood one of the most important thing in my parent’s household, and that was God, God, God.  Now there was not a whole lot of restrictions.  We had a lot of fun and so forth and so on.  But if this God could cover my parent’s being who they were (both deaf & mute) I wanna have that in my life.  Now understand this, in the house I use to get so tired of my parents verbal discussions with God.  Yet, I came to understand where the wealth was coming from.  I just didn’t understand the why the wealth was coming in the way it did.  I thought we were rich, but it didn’t show up in the form of their bank account.  Sure there were many difficult times but we had fun in them by the grace of God.  I have been so blessed to have had those experiences.  And I am so happy that I had my parents praying for and over each and everyone of their children with expectations from God.  They were truly believers of Christ.  And please don’t cry for me.  We lived the life!  In spite of…And we dealt with it.  And Mommy and Daddy kept it moving.  I honor their lives.  So I share this just to give you a little insight about the individual I am while I am being who I am.  God bless you.  Let me know if I can serve you, so you can be of service to someone else.   Enjoy your weekend.  Peace & Love

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