Friends that sustain us.

We all have troubled times in our lives, and it is the friends that sustain us on the human side of life. Those friends you can call at 2 a.m. will rush to come and be by your side or that one friend that knows just what to say to make you smile. Those are the relationships to nurture and cherish. 

I have relationships that began in my childhood, friends that I now call cousins because we have been there for one another since we were six years old.  I have and still do treasure them and their opinions, our differences, and our similarities.  I will not give up on them or turn away because of hard times. It is our commitment to sustain one another through good and evil that will carry us through the current climate in the world.

Right now, we talk and hold each other up. We share our burdens and laughter, and we will rise from this stronger, wiser, and more compassionate of one another. Don’t give up on your friends so easily, fight for the relationship, you may be surprised at the wisdom you both gain from the life experience.

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