Fully Skilled

The many ways I can help you as an author coach.
I’ve been published mainstream twice (Kensington Publishing) and I’ve self-published 12 times, so I have in-depth knowledge about both sides of the publishing world. I write self-help, novels, poetry, screenplays, instructional manuals, resumes, bios, back-cover summaries (blurbs) for books, business letters, newspaper articles, blogs posts, website content, marketing promos, and more. I’m a veteran copy editor/proofreader and literary coach (16 years) whose clients’ books routinely garner 5-star reviews (as did my books). Within my work as an editor, I have regularly done every level of editing there is—there are many. On top of all that, my clients can and will tell you that my ability to clearly articulate and break down publishing and writing processes and offer problem-solving ideas is top notch.
This is why it would benefit you to work with me in the literary realm. I know exactly what I bring to the table and how I can help you shine in this industry. If you’re tired of sitting on the fence with your projects, I’m here for you. The writing and publishing process is extremely complex, and to do it right, you need the right—and full—information. I strongly encourage you to start with consulting, to prepare yourself for the journey. If your project is something other than a book, get with me. As you can see, I can guide you in many ways.

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