Get On A Schedule

Note to Self: Look towards the future

Work the works of him that sent you…for night is coming…John 9:4-7

When your life is in order it flows with the consistency of a river. The shift of the flow doesn’t change and the cycle of Life is going on whether I live in that day or not. Now people need a schedule because our time on this earth is not given back to us. Even when you schedule a break in your day at least you got it in and now you can go back to the business of the day. Putting your life on a thirty minute by thirty minute or hour by hour schedule is not something you should be ashamed of. Don’t think that your life is filled with only being on a routine because before you know it some of the things you do at a certain time of day will come naturally to you after repetitive movement. Also, this is your time if you don’t put your time in order your day will get away from you and you will have no discipline in your life. Getting on a schedule will benefit not only you, and the family around you but also the people that you come in contact with. You just never know where God will lead your day at least you will have what you wanted to do for that day on the scheduleĀ 


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