Get out of the Box

"The box has purpose. Just don't let that purpose expire past the season of it's intended value."

Are you stuck? Do you feel like life is passing you by? Do you feel too big for the space that you exist in? Is the discomfort of your existence overwhelming?

Maybe, just maybe you are stuck in a box that you have outgrown and immediate shifting is necessary. In many cases, part of the reason why we stay stuck in our boxes is because we have become complacent and stopped believing we could even exist outside of it. This defeatist mentality is limiting and quite frankly paralyzing. It limits us and keeps us stuck in a place of familiarity, but more importantly, mediocrity. I’ve learned that mediocrity is the sibling of average, and average is the cousin of frustration. This same frustration is what creates an internal struggles that lead to a high level of discontentment. 

There is a need for us to break from the limiting existence that boxes create. In many cases, other inhabitants of the boxes we reside in tend to have what I refer to as “Crab Syndrome”. This is the idea and analogy of crabs in a bucket who claw to keep others in the same bucket that attempt to get out. This makes getting out of the box more difficult than it needs to be. Often times, this among other challenges serve the purpose of the very things that discourage us and kill our drive and determination to pursue our change.

Understand that the box is an agent designed to hold you back from your purpose and destiny. I was once told that “action ends suffering.” The question is then, how do we get to the action when we find ourselves stuck?

The first step is to identify the box. The next step is to recognize your mindset. Then and only then can action become reality. Sounds like 1-2-3, but  we all know that life in the box can be much more complex to evade. I could go on and on regarding how we ever begin the process of healing in our minds to start the journey out of the box. That’s just what it is…a journey and the ticket to take this journey is more expensive than most. What I can promise you is that the destination is more fulfilling than any you will ever arrive at. The box has purpose. Just don’t let that purpose expire past the season of it’s intended value.

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