If you have a goal, passion or dream that you are not pursuing. I want to tell you it's your time to MOVE FORWARD!

Hello! It’s Bianca, here. I want to discuss a few things that keep us from moving forward.

1. Lack of confidence or support.

2. Afraid to be our authentic self or caring what people think.

3. Striving for perfection.

4.Afraid to get out of our comfort zone.

A few things to remember,

1. There is nothing more fulfilling than walking in your purpose, passion or dream.

Being true to yourself and knowing your identity can give you the greatest inner peace which equals success!

2. BE YOU!

3. Start where you are and move forward. As you move forward you will continue to grow and excel in your purpose.

4. Moving outside of your comfort zone is where true strength, faith and courage is displayed.


Three Requirements to Moving Forward

1. Requires Faith. Believing in you and the gift that God has placed within you.

2. Make a plan. Write goals, how to achieve, date, accountability partner and work the plan.

3. Steadfastness & Determination. Be determined to do something regardless of obstacles or lack of resources. Be creative and continue to push forward.

Look out for the next post about specific Action Items and Personal Development needed for you to MOVE OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE! 

Or just call me so that we can start your plan of MOVING FORWARD!


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