Getting through Divorce

This is one of the tips I share on my Facebook to urge moms specifically (I can only speak as the woman in the situation) to develop healthy co-parenting relationships.

Tip of the day:

I urge parents to never involve their children in the business of adults! I know both sexes have used the kids as pawns in many situations, but I have personally seen it more with women. We become hurt because the relationship didn’t work out for whatever reason. Even if the other parent was in the wrong, you have to learn not to include your kids in your issues. We have to look into things like counseling, meditation, reading the bible or prayer. There has to be a way that you heal and grow that doesn’t include hurting your children. Separate his feelings for you from his feelings for his children. Never let your emotions get the best of you to the point you will allow your children to hurt just to have company in your misery!

-Miss Kris

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