Getting through the day!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to post something regarding this category.  Break ups can be so devastating to the point that you feel that you have lost yourself or blame yourself, over think, say what if I just said this or did this. Or why am I not good enough?  I went through this and it can be so devastating that you feel you have lost who you were and the wonderful confidence and self love you had before that relationship.  It seems that sometimes we feel that we have it under control and you feel it goes from great to what is going on and you question your own intuition.  I have been there many times.  Some of you may have felt you lost yourself and your self worth in that relationship… I know this feeling so well.  I  want to help anyone that feels that way to help you feel you are who you are and that you are unique and relearn to love yourself…  Just was feeling this today relflecting those exact feelings…  So if you that is how you feel today reach out.. Thanks for reading..

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