Give Yourself Permission To Be Happy

Enhance your life by choosing happiness intentionally and consciously!

Remember happiness is a choice and it’s up to us to intentionally choose it everyday.

When we embrace happiness, we takeΒ  responsibility for our own contentment.

Choose happiness by:

πŸ’› Counting your blessings

πŸ’› Smiling more

πŸ’› Speaking life into yourself daily

πŸ’› Resting more

πŸ’› Choosing peace over complaining

πŸ’› Embracing and practicing things that help you grow…it feels good to finish that workout or finish that chapter or learn something new.

πŸ’› Embracing your gifts and doing more of what you enjoy even if it’s just a hobby.

πŸ’› Eating more nutritious meals…your body will thank you.

πŸ’› Being kind to’ll come back to you.

πŸ’› Praying and meditating for well being and emotional balance.

πŸ’› Choosing to turn your pain into purpose. What can you learn from it and use to help others.

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