Goals can be hard but not impossible!

Setting goals is something everyone does; whether they notice it or not! A goal can be as simple as making sure you make the bed everyday, or as hard as saving $5,000. Big or small when you devote your time to accomplish something; you have just set a new goal. Exciting right? Goals help us establish a plan, and sometimes form new self discipline. Okay I know what you’re thinking “every time I try to do something, I run into the most unforeseen issues!” What if I told you that happens to everyone? What if I told you things happen, but you can still push past unforeseen events? Well, I said it. Some things we run into bring our life to a screeching halt or a drastic change of pace. Often times people will give up on their goals or put them far on the back burner. Don’t give up on what’s in your heart, even if you have to change the pace! – Lori G. Clark

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