God Got My Attention Through My Struggle!

Hey girl heyyy! I’m sitting here with my green/peppermint tea. I recently got hip to tea (when my stress was off the hook, chyle…it helps, or at least makes you feel like it does lol). Anyway, I’m listening to Lucky Daye, trying to catch a vibe for our talk today. Yesterday, I left off telling you how God will often use your struggle to get your attention. I now believe that the whole point of my mid-summer meltdown last year was for God to elevate me to where I’m at in this very moment and more moments to come in my future. When God places a calling on your life, you will 100% reach a point where you become dissatisfied with how your present day-to-day looks. For me, even after accomplishing all of the things society deems as successful, I still felt unsatisfied. I felt like I wasn’t operating in my sweet spot yet and that I’d be low key irritated everyday until I entered into that space. This is what I’d say is destiny calling and knocking at your door. “The universe”, which is God, is telling you it’s time to get serious about discovering your purpose and what you’re on this earth to do. Once you figure this out, you will discover where your fulfillment and satisfaction with life lies. It took me becoming stressed, anxious and sad for God to wake me up! As ironic as that sounds, sis, it’s true. God doesn’t appear to us, at least not me lol, like he used to in the Old Testament days in order to give us step-by-step instructions. And if you’re honest, even when the Holy Spirit gives us small nudges to usher us into what we¬†should¬†be doing, most of the time, we ignore Him. So, then God will just¬†snatch yo wig, like He did to me last summer! What is snatching yo wig you might ask? Lol, I cannot wait to discuss this in the #WNS podcast, coming soon- shameless plug. When God snatches your wig, it’s when He’s tired of playing with your behind and has to take drastic measures to get your attention. Now, if He take your edges back to your ears, along with snatching your wig, like He did to me, that means you have a¬†serious¬†calling on your life and you need to get hip to it, ASAP. The reason why we ignore the nudge of the Holy Spirit when He tells us what we¬†should¬†be doing is because we are¬†comfortable¬†with what we’re currently doing, how we’re currently living our lives and we know that what God is asking us to do will, more times than not, cause us to be uncomfortable and forfeit our current routine. Read that run-on sentence again sis. And again. I swear to y’all the Lord dropped that into my spirit just now and I’m in awe! I was comfortable sis and the good Lord decided that it was time that I be uncomfortable or I’d never do what He spoke over me to do before I was in my mothers womb (Jeremiah 1:5 & Psalm 139:13-16). Ok, now my Bestie, the Holy Spirit, is telling me to explain to y’all what I mean by this before we go any further. Basically, being comfortable just means consistently¬†doing what you want how you want. So for me, that meant going to work, coming home, hitting happy hour, frolicking with whatever dude I was in a situationship with at the time, going to cookouts, kickbacks, vacations, being lazy when I felt like being lazy, entertaining and contributing to gossip, spending money how I wanted to spend it, giving God the amount of time I¬†wanted¬†or¬†felt like¬†giving Him–basically just doing¬†ME. And then, as I mentioned in my first entry, I eventually lost the desire and satisfaction I used to gain from a majority of those things and felt like I just had a lot of empty space that needed to be filled up. So, going back to God making you uncomfortable, it really just means He’s shaking up your life so that you will start filling up that empty space with what¬†glorifies Him–¬†also known as¬†discovering your purpose. It’s like God had to¬†beautifully break me¬†(shout out to the song Beautifully Broken by Tasha Cobbs) and break what had always been my “normal” so that He could begin planting me into my¬†New Normal. In your new normal you will fill that empty space with purpose based goals, knowledge, activities and connections. You’ll also start stewarding your time better, cuz honestly, you won’t have a choice! We will get into what your New Normal will look like in our next few talks. So to wrap this one up, good sis, whether your struggle is something that you feel just “landed on you outta nowhere” or something you’ve been dealing with for what seems like forever,¬†USE IT. The Almighty does not¬†want¬†us to struggle (after all, He is our perfect peace and help in times of struggle- Isaiah 26:3 & Psalms 29:11) but the Word tells us that in this world we¬†will¬†have struggles. However, He also tells us to¬†TAKE HEART, meaning,¬†BE STRONG,¬†because our Good Lord has overcome the world- John 16:33. So use your struggle to birth your purpose. Help someone else who may be struggling too (that act right there may just be your purpose). Lean into God and seek His knowledge for the reason why you are going through what you’re going through and ask Him how you can turn it around not only for your good, but for the good of any other woman that may be going through the same thing.

Next, we’ll talk about how to discover your purpose.



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