GOD has everything you need..

Most will put thier mental and emotional issues in the hands of man before they trust GOD to deal with thier issues. Many will follow man’s doctrines before they follow GOD’S word.
Yes many people are use by GOD to help you navigate your healing journey, but you are in error when you idolize them and put them on the same level as GOD. Anything that is covered in flesh has the potential to hurt, offend and disappoint you. Even the most anointed vessel cannot be fully trusted to a point that you would never deal with some type of hurt( read about King David). My point is there is a difference between honor and idolizing, honor is respecting people who has been graced and anointed by GOD to be use as a vessel or any other position or title people may hold in your life and allowing them to be human and realizing only GOD is perfect in his Love.
When you start idolizing people by expecting the most from people beyond thier human capabilities, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.
That is why many people is NOT ready for marriage, because people think that if GOD brings thier spouse thier marriage is going to be perfect, this person is going to be a “spiritual robot” and all of thier voids will be fulfilled, the pain will go away and magically all of life issues are gone… At the end of the day we are ALL covered in flesh. Stop putting people in “GOD MODE” because of the position that they hold in your life and Love, Honor and Respect them because they were chosen worthy enough to be in your life. Same goes for friendships, do not give human the power that only GOD contains, it is not fair. We ALL fall short of his glory, that is why it is our duty to stay in FORGIVENESS.
No that does not mean allowing toxic people to do what they want to you, some people you must love at a far distance to protect your mental and emotional health, but when you see forgiveness from a different perspective, you will realize it is for your peace of mind and some people just need help. Also you need just as much forgiveness as well, you reap what you sow❤
We have instructions in GOD’s word for a reason, he is our source and blessed hope.
That is why in everything you do guard your heart, be prayerful, ask GOD for confirmation, always invite HOLY SPIRIT in your daily routine because he sees all things and he will protect you. ❤❤❤

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