God is Too Good and Our Days are Not Plenty

Many times we shy away from the fact that we will not be here forever. That is, in this life time. We go through ups and downs and usually those ups and downs are associated with other people. Either with something they have done to us or something we have done to them. I’m moved today to call to attention that God is way too awesome for us to remain in a state of anger and unforgiveness. Thereby keeping people imprisoned in our hearts. Though this may sound a bit harsh to some who are a more sensitive to this truth, God can take us and anyone else out tomorrow. Now, it is simply unwise to live a life that keeps us from embracing the beauty of other people. It comes with accepting the imperfections of others just as we have imperfections ourselves. Too often we neglect to put ourselves in other peoples shoes; that is empathize with them. Though this may not be easy to do, it’s important that we at least try. It’s important that we at least try to forgive. At least try. I do not believe in using Scripture as a scare tactic as I believe so many have done before. However, I acknowledge the Word of God as truth. Let’s begin with this one truth. We are made in our Father’s image and in His likeness. Second truth, the fullness of Him lives in us. This third truth, we are more than capable of forgiving because of the first and second truths. Our days are not plenty. Let us love others in a way that helps us to forgive immediately. Yet, still remaining true to our feelings concerning a manner in a gentle way. It becomes more about our relationship with the Lord and this impacts our relationship with ourselves and finally others.

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