God, Where is My Husband?

‘God, where is my husband?’

If you’re like me you have asked God this question at some point in your marriage pursuit. It seems the more we ask that question, the longer it is between the prayer and the promise. Several months ago, I asked God this question. His response surprised me. What did He say? God told me to start the Youtube channel He told me to start several years ago. What, start the Youtube channel?! What did that have to do with my prayer? I prayed for MY HUSBAND and God told me to start a Youtube channel to help other singles prepare for their mate. You can imagine how befuddled I was at God’s response. So I did what most of us would have done. I didn’t immediately obey what God told me. In fact, I waited several more weeks (months if I am honest) until I was reminded that perhaps my disobedience was contributing to why I have not received an answer to my prayer. OUCH! 

Are you doing what God told you to do? 

It became apparent that my disobedience to God’s directive to start the Youtube channel was a reflection of my readiness to be married. Isn’t it funny how we can think we are ready but can be missing the mark? I thought being ready was having a 750+ credit score, stocks and bonds, luxury vehicle, and a bachelor’s degree. But the real proof of my readiness was my ability to submit to God. OUCH again! After all, if I was unwilling to submit to God how would I ever submit to a husband? I know we hate that “s” word but we’ll leave that for another post. 

So, if you are praying for your husband or wife but have not received an answer to your prayer, could it be you are not where God told you to be doing what He told you to do? Think about it.

Prayer: Lord, create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit in me. [Psalm 51:10]

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