When we are open to the fiber of us ever being so great...In you, you will find that GOD is...My everything! My hope for! My every need! The goodness of my Heart! My Soul! This Soul Journey! Unrecognizable! -Celestine R. Snell

I release!  I let go!  And I let God!  HE WHO STRENGTHENS Me!  My Daddy, he was a laborer.  He worked in the quarry.  Three decades.  He walked everywhere.  He was like my Hero.  He believed in me.  He’d encourage me.  And He spoke into my life.  Both he and my mother did.  Daddy use to tell me that I was smart and rich.  And I’d say, okay, yeah I know.  But I didn’t know.  I do recall on three occasions.  Daddy had surgeries.  After leaving the recovery room once he’d see me.  He’d point his big old finger at me, while shaking his head up and down.  She’s rich.  She’s smart.  And I would smile back at him, thinking well okay now.  Well after the second surgery, he had done it again.  And I thought nothing of it.  It went over my head.  Now between 1996-1997 was his last surgery.  This time I was watching him being pushed to a room from recovery while laying on the gurney, he proceeded to sit up once he saw me.  He pointed his big old finger, shaking his head up and down, saying this out loud,  “My daughter.  She’s rich.  Smart.”  And in that moment, his nurse the nurses, staff, his Doctor, all stood still.  Now in that moment my life and everything around, paused, for a few seconds and I got it.  Felt like a whole minute.  Startled me.  I heard him.  I heard what he said.  He was glowing when he said it.  So I turned to his Doctor.  I asked if he was still pumped up on that put him to sleep medication.  And his Doctor said yes, maybe.  Doc also wanted me to know this, soon after surgery in the recovery room my Dad yelled out after opening his eyes, she’s rich.  He also said that many patients say a lot of things in recovery after opening their eyes.  But when he heard my Dad say it again he wanted to acknowledge what had happened before Dad spoke to me.  So I knew that that was a profound moment that meant so much more to me than it ever had before in that moment.  My Dad passed away 6 months later.  That was 23 years ago.  I share this story to say that last week while I was working so hard on my Brain, Brand, Body.  Those memories came back up to me, for me, in me, to remind me, of something as significant as that in itself.  I recalled these little bits and pieces of shifts of consciousness that was taking place in me last week.  Almost like I was fighting to hold on to something I didn’t want to let go.  But instead of letting go I allowed myself to entertain some foolishness that I created because of my stinking, thinking!  Later on in the week my  atmosphere shifted reminding me again of that time again after Daddy’s last surgery. Utilizing my vivid imagination.  It was surreal.  Daddy was pointing his big old finger, shaking his head up and down at me shouting out loud,” My daughter, she’s rich, smart.”  And in that moment I got it!  Again! The shift that was taking place last week was not only shifting out the old me.  Was also sifting out the old me from out the comfort zone I had been living in.  The comfort zone of the nothingness I never was.  Trying to make room for the new life I am to have.  I am to be.  I will become.  I will be healed.  I will be patient with myself.  I will be transformed.  I DO want to release my old self to the Universe!  I will let go of my good old comfort zone!  And I will let GOD! FIGHT MY BATTLES!  And I won’t forget who I am.  And I won’t forget to let GOD make it happen, this time. Why?  Because I am now a willing participant!  Thank you GOD for keeping me on the right track!  We fall!  We get up!  Oh!  And thank you Daddy.  I love you and miss you so much!  Blessings y’all.   Amen

Peace & Love



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