God’s Plan for YOUR Life…

For I know the plans I have for you. How many times have we set all this big plans out for OUR life? Then BOMB what happen this is not what I planned for my life.

 I can speak for myself, I had all this big plans and know it was going to go the way I plan it. When things started to shift I can’t understand why things were NOT happen the way I planned it. Do you see the word I keep using? (I). 

Once I gave myself to the Lord and REALLY receive the wisdom and knowledge of who Jesus was then I was able to understand that GOD already has the plans set up for my LIFE.

God is the author of OUR life and once you get the concept of that you will be able to live the life he has planned for you. The plans that HE has for you are greater than you can even image. Trust in his plan for your future.

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