God’s Timing

One of the sayings consistently mentioned to Singles is to, “Wait for God’s timing.”  As cliché as it may sound, it’s so true.  There have been numerous times in life where we’ve tried to do things on our own accord and in our own way; and what were the results of it all?  In various cases, “I wish I would’ve waited on God or listened to what He was telling me to do.”

Whomever God brings into your life will be who He has called you to be with and vice versa.  This person will be someone who brings out the best in you and will also show you who God is.  It will be someone who’s on the same accord as you and not someone who’s taking you in the opposite direction of God.

The season that you’re in has a purpose for you and for this individual. 

God is always on time.

~Coach Lisi

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