God’s Timing

Trust the process is something we often hear when we’re anticipating something to go our way or feel that we have waited so long for. Well, I found myself repeating that in my mind when I was writing goals and talking to close friends that I would really love to sell a house soon. I was advertising my business and would talk to people in the industry, but I wasn’t getting any bites from my advertising techniques and my existing clients were content with their investment properties; in other words, no one was selling. I prayed to God about my goals and desires and left them there. 

Fast forward, I received a call from a client/tenant who mentioned he was interested in buying a home and wanted to know how he starts the process. I was thrilled that he called me; I immediately thanked the Lord for this inquiry because I felt in my spirit that God heard my prayers. 

I trusted the process of prayer and leaving it with Jesus to take full control. 


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