Golden Ticket

Society has a lot of people thinking if they look picture perfect and take good selfies they're valuable. Pretty on the outside but broken hurts shines through. More plastic surgery than ever and endless insecurities at every turn. A simple TRUTH....a beautiful heart ❤ shines to perfect all the rest of your being.

 Look around…people have total abandoned their individuality. Even men have jumped on broad, which is extremely alarming. Take a walk through the mall they’re wearing the same haircuts, jeans and Jordan’s. It’s creepy but speaks in volumes to where we are as people. I’ve always been who I am so I don’t get it…..just be who you are. It’s fear, we wanna be easily liked and accepted. But that’s why we are so unhappy with ourselves. 


God created each one of us to be one of a kind. Our spirit, mind and body to glorify him. That’s where the real glow comes into play…that light. His light! We’re so magical when we surrender to who He created us to be. 

I pray over this 🌎 world and hope to see people get back to their genuine self in Christ. 

Yes God is waiting on us to embrace and tap into the greatness He put within us.

💕 Happy Healing 💕


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