Good Leaders are born Leaders!

Maybe you don’t want to wait 90 days and you want to know beforehand if the leader/ or job is right for you. This is a tough call because timing is everything. Looking at social media can possibly help you understand a company. Keeping an updated social media is crucial for modern business owners. Staying up to date with trends will only better the company’s growth potential. If a company doesn’t have any social media at all, then that can be a red flag. How can a company look to hire new faces but don’t connect their business with the new times? It may not be 100% accurate but it only makes sense. Not keeping an updated social media can also show a sign of laziness or disorganization. You can use this to your advantage depending on the position. If you are looking to better a company, then it’s a service you can offer once working in the company.  Social media is an advantage! They have the power to take their company to a new level. They can market and network with so many new customers. A good leader would have their social media up to date and post useful content. Leading by example. Self-image is key and they should properly show you what quality content looks like.


Phil Rabinowitz stated, “that internal communications is the life blood of any organization, the way in which everyone is provided with the information that they need, clear standards and expectations for their work, emotional support, and help maintaining a shared vision and sense of ownership in the organization” (source: Rabinowitz.) Growth and trust is very important, when looking for the right leader. How much did a company grow in the past five years? What positions are available for you, once you commit to a company, are they trustworthy, can they stick to their word? Growing is a natural part of life and it should not be ignored when committing to a job. Most jobs are looking to expand once they hire you. Growing with a company is always best. You would become very skilled and an essential to the companies needs.



A good leader is born a leader because they are naturally responsible. Good Leaders usually evolve from young. They are in the top of the class. They lead in their small group of friends. They are relatable and well rounded. If I had to pick a person who was a good leader, I would say Barack Obama. Even if everyone may not have liked him as president, he held great leadership qualities. His education level is phenomenal. He takes his time to focus and apply himself. He sets goals and achieves them. His actions match his attitude. There was a time Obama mentioned the “We-not-I Attitude” in an article (Source: . Hammad Husain stated “When a person say we have done it together, everyone listening to it feels a part of the proceedings even if he was not involved in any step. This is a very important part of being a leader, making everyone around you involved and giving them the ownership of a successful project, for example. Countless times in his speeches, Obama used “we” in and making people believe the people of a particular city or the whole country has done something which they can be proud of.” Obama internal communication skills are astounding. He meets levels of professionalism that are inspiring to say the least. The pressure of being a president can probably make a person nervous, but Obama showed courage and bravery through every obstacle he endured. His level of education shows intelligence. As a good leader, Intelligence is one of the main key factors. Always remember, no one’s perfect, but make the best of opportunities that present themselves. Think the best and the best will happen. Be honest with yourself, because honestly, I enjoy being honest with me!


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