GQ’s Man of the year is a woman?

I don’t care how much money they paid you. A woman should not be on the cover of GQ magazine as man of the year.

Kim Kardashian being on the cover of GQ’s man of the year issue is just one of those subtle not so subtle ways of saying that the significance of a man doesn’t matter, that men don’t matter. That a woman can be a man anytime she wants. That’s dumb and so disrespectful to all the great men out there. If this was really about integrity and being a powerful woman, she would’ve addressed it accordingly to be responsible. Giving the reasons on why she did it. No as usual she just exploits herself. 

Like Kim, you sitting there with all that money as a single mom. Unless you wanted that, which you say you didn’t; WHY ARE YOU DOING ON THE COVER OF GQ MAGAZINE?

The messaging is so manipulative, contaminating and foolish. No wonder so many women are single. Some of y’all  be out here, completely dismissing the whole purpose of a man. Kim don’t want to be alone, it’s completely mingle seed. Listen, you can’t serve God and money…pick one. People bugging! Trippin! these people are Froot Loops! Froot Loops with all that money. SMH, and we wonder why there’s so many weak as **** men, all intimidated of a powerful woman, and what she brings to the table. Where there’s envy and strife, there is confusion in every evil work. -The Bible.

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