Gratitude Is More Than an Attitude

Gratitude can be more than just an attitude.  The simplest way is to think of three things you are grateful for while you are in bed, in those moments as you are waking up, or as you are falling asleep. Do this at night time and it can help you get to sleep. Do it in the morning and it will set up your day on a positive note.

Write three things you are grateful for in a journal every day. You may have seen the journals called, “Gratitude” Journals.  You do not have to use anything fancy just the act of writing it down works.  Yes, it sounds kind of corny, I get that, and of course, you can just do it in your head as suggested above, but I have found the great things about writing it down is that these moments of gratitude are there for you to read all over again when things are feelings are low.

Write a letter of thanks to someone. Now that everything is digital, a real handwritten card or letter sent through the post system is extra special.

Say thank you to someone and mean it. When people take the time to tell me they appreciate me listening to them, it makes me feel amazing.

Sit and talk at the dinner table with friends or family about the good things that have happened that day or week. Make every night – or maybe just every Sunday lunch a little more like a Thanksgiving meal.

Take a few minutes to make a note of things you are grateful for and collect them all together. Write notes on a colorful bit of paper and put them in a glass jar where you can see them.  You can do the opposite too.  Sometimes I like to write down anything negative experiences from the day.  Right before bedtime, I throw it in the bin or fire to clear my head.  This simple act helps me to sleep like the Queen that I am!  You can too!

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