Great Expectations

One of the things I have enjoyed about age and wisdom is being able to recognize who is for me. I also love how quickly I can identify who I have chemistry with. What I have learned is that with both my friends and romantic interests, I never have to force the connection. As my birthdays have passed on and as I’ve migrated to different cities, the Lord has always helped me locate the new parts of my tribe. People think I’m I’m crazy because I’ve moved around the country by myself. I think it’s fun! Sure there are lonely moments but God has held me— he’s comforted me and sharpened my patience. Because of these moves I’ve had to trust His timing more. It’s been beautiful to trust God in these unusual seasons of transition. I encourage everyone to take risks and to also wait to be led to the new people that belong in your life. I’m grateful to be at a place where I less often move in fear and MORE often move with expectation. 

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