Dating Questions to Ask Sooner Than Later! The Handbook

This article talks about the most important serious questions/topics to mention in a dating relationship.
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It’s cold out there for some of us serious dating singles.

With all of the blocking and ghosting, some of us could be dating a bit willy nilly and winging it with the conversation pieces.

It can leave us confused and not properly vetting for the right one, wondering how we ended up with another narcissist, or getting ghosted. 🥴

It’s time to tweak some things and get clear in the beginning stages if you find you’re unable to properly vet in your conversations.

If you want to score a mate of high value on the same page as you, keep this in your back pocket or add the questions to a list of your own!

These are good to ask while texting, on a date, or a phone call with someone you’re interested in.

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🏠 Living Situation: 

Where do you live? Are you all alone?

Where do you work?

Where are you originally from?

Do you want to stay in (current city, or state) in the future?

Work & Schedule:

What do you do? & Do you like it?

What’s your schedule like? When do you work? (Days & times)

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Lifestyle 🕶:

What do you do for fun in your free time?

Do you like…? What do you think about (insert your i.e. hobbies, extracurricular activities, travel, dancing, etc…)?

Do you smoke/drink?

Do you have kids, and do you want more?

Is family a big part of your life?

Did you attend church, religious services etc.?

Intentions 🔎:

What about me made you approach me/message me? Or what was your first impression of me?

What are you looking for? To make sure we’re on the same page…

Follow up if they don’t give a clear answer:  “So you’re saying____?” or “Do you mean__?” or “I don’t understand what you mean by that”

Are you looking for a best friend/partner in crime or just casual dating?

Are you dating other people right now?

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Future 🌅:

What does your next relationship ideally look like for you? (To clarify: How often would you see your partner? How would you want to spend time together? Is there a common goal you want with a partner?)

Do you have plans for your career in the near future?

Is there something you require of your partner to support you on no matter what?


What does he look like in photos? What sort of lifestyle does he put forth? (If online)

What sort of things does he post online? Or talk about? (More than likely those are his priorities)

How does he groom himself, smell, and dress like?

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Bonus! Questions to Ask Yourself 👓:

Is there something you require of your partner to support you on? (As far as your job, purpose, hobbies. Make that clear!) (always stay in shape with me, always support my career choice)

Are there any yellow or red flags you’ve noticed? (Yellow=concerning, Red= hard dealbreakers)

How and when will you address the yellow or red flags? (Decide, get counsel or tell them it’s bothering you!)

Is this person consistently reaching out to me? Calling, dates, video chatting, doing things for me, etc.?

How do I feel when I’m around him? Does he care about me being happy? How does he show it? And what am I learning?

What value do I bring to this person? In ways can I help them?

Guard your heart in this dating process remember! You want a quality relationship above anything else and it’s not easy to come by. You can have it if that’s what you’re working for!


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