Great Things Wednesday-Strenghts

What wins or accomplishments do you have over the past week?

I ask this question because it easy to think about mistakes, mis-steps, being our own worst critic, etc. But how about the great things we did, something that we accomplished that we are proud of to give ourselves a positive focus!

Last week I talked about positioning yourself for your next level. This week I want to follow up and speak of positioning yourself from a place of strength. 

When was the last time you reflected on your strengths… personally and professionally?

Personally, I had a community where they called me faithful Brian. It was because we prayed at 5am…well some us prayed while others snored. LOL! But they knew if no one else started that line that I would. Hence the name faithful Brian. The strength here is reliability. 

Professionally a manger pulled me aside and said Brian if you didn’t show up to work one day who would miss you? She would go on to say you need to make yourself invaluable. I would go on to become a supervisor at that job making myself invaluable. The strength here was showing initiative to take the work I could off of my supervisors desk, which gave me experience that I leveraged when I applied for the supervisor position. 

Over the next few days I challenge you to reflect on your personal and professional strengths, and how are you using them. If you want to go deeper…

1) Write them down and ask yourself are they being utilized or under-utilized, and are they being leveraged to your benefit. 

2) This week ask at least 3 people what’s one of your strengths. 

3) After you ask, think were you already aware of this strength, or did you gain a new insight/awareness.

4) Are their goals that have not been accomplished because you are not leveraging your strengths effectively?


Our strengths can help us in our mindset, relationships, our health, professionally and other area’s of our lives to be at our best. 

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