“Grown Boys/Girls Are Like Fool’s Gold”

I believe that men and women don't truly understand or know who women and men are at their core. A lot of us haven't been raised, some have just grown because of many dynamics in our communities. You cannot give what you've never had or even seen modeled. Therefore, you will not be equipped with an organic perspective on our respective roles which is, where I believe the disconnect begins. I believe that the root of our problem is our relationship spiritually. Many are operating in a sea of emotional brokenness, and insecurities that has left us fractured leading to hurt, deception, and disappointment! Hence, your "Prince Charming" or that rare "Gem Of A Woman" you thought you had found turned out to be "Fool's Gold"! A counterfeit, unauthenticated.. not organic!

Have you ever met someone that looked so inviting to your mind, body, and soul?!

At first sight.. they look like heaven and smell like a bed of roses?!

He/She says all the right things, speak words of honey!

Your heart begins to race, you’ve never felt love(infatuation) like this before…

you tell yourself this has to be real! It is, it’s called animal attraction,

because they have activated their irresistible representative.

When we meet people, most people put their best foot forward, but slow down,

keep watching because sooner or later the other(real) foot is coming forward.

This is where the hard work should first be applied. I believe we have to slow down

begin to study one another, possible suiters.

We need to observe how the perspective man/woman how they think and move!

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, always be willing to accept the truth about what

people are showing us about their character.

To set standards for your own life, and to do not settle for anything less.

In conclusion, always love yourself first and be willing to walk away!

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