Growth and Mindset Module Self-Love Sessions

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– learn the importance of self-love and its benefits which can totally transform your life

– understand why self-love can save you from problems, heartbreak and pain

– learn how to guard and protect your heart, peace and values

– increase your confidence by knowing you protect, cherish and invest in yourself

– learn how self-love leads to better quality life and relationships

– become able to learn the red flags, recognize situations that are not for you and walk away from anything that doesn’t sit well with your values

– find and set your standards, expectations, boundaries and non-negociables

– get to know yourself better so you can appreciate your strengths and be aware of your worth and value

– learn the difference between being kind and understanding and allowing people to take advantage of you, waste your time, deplete you of energy so you can act accordingly and choose yourself and your happiness

– get to understand, forgive and accept your past mistakes while working to grow and improve

– become able to differentiate between what you would like or want and what you really need and serves you

– learn how to respect and value your time and efforts and have others respect them as well

– become confident that you deserve and can have true love, have your life goals and wishes come true and unwilling to settle or put the keys to your happiness in anyone’s pocket

– learn how to trust and handle your emotions and logic and not allow others to invalidate them or minimize your thoughts and opinions

– be able to express your needs and wants or to let others know what they are doing is bothering you and not to be accepted

– increase your self-esteem and self-worth by becoming aware of who you really are, your value, your power of choice, what you bring to the table and can offer the world

– learn how self-love leads to better health and wellness and how to take good care of your body every single day

– develop accountability and discipline towards yourself in order to get the desired results and reach your goals

– become able to take better decisions that reflect your own values, life dreams, purpose, rather than being pushed by others’ vision of you

– learn to accept yourself, to like your own qualities and let go of insecurities and the need to compare to others

– get to dedicate time, care and attention to yourself and prioritize your wellbeing, peace and comfort

– become ok with putting yourself first when needed without feelings of guilt or self-blame

– learn to surround yourself with positive people and energy while creating distance from the negative

– become motivated to look your best because you understand the value of feeling good and confident

– learn how to find something daily to be grateful, excited about, to celebrate and love about yourself and your life

As the website only shows 3 main categories of coaching, please choose any of the categories when booking a session but make sure you specify what you are looking for from the session. Example: “i am looking to learn how to protect my heart by practising self-love and not get hurt anymore but i also have some questions about starting a new business”. You can include as many details as you’d like. Who said sessions have to be focused on a single topic? I am as flexible as needed and we can do mixed sessions in which we can work on multiple fronts to meet all your needs and wants !

If you have questions or need more details, please write to me here:

CarmenMLC @ y a h o o . c o m

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