Growth vs. Fixed Mindset: The two mindsets that significantly shape our lives.


Our lives are significantly shaped by the mindset we have developed.  There are two mindsets that can be adopted into our outlook on living. One contributes to continuous learning and improvement while the other limits our capabilities.  The level of success you feel in your life and the heights you reach are significantly influenced by which mindset you have chosen to live by. Life is a journey of growth- from relationships, to careers, and to developing ourselves- the only way to excel is to keep growing, leaning, and improving.   


We are all born with talents, gifts, and a level of intelligence.  Some believe that these are fixed traits. What you see is what you get. This type of mindset is fixed. A fixed mindset sees black and white- either you have it or you don’t. The issue with this is that a person with a fixed mindset blocks out the opportunity to excel and try new things. They would associate success with talent alone failing to incorporate hard work and effort. However, history has repeatedly proven that the greats don’t sit on talent alone. Do you think Kobe Bryant developed the Mamba Mentality by sitting solely on his talents? Do you think Tyler Perry was able to create a multi-million dollar studio after experiencing homelessness off of a fixed mindset? Would Harry Potter be the infamous boy who lived on 4 Privet Drive if J. K. Rowling viewed her many rejection letters as the end all be all?  Of course not! 


You have a tremendous amount of influence over your skills and abilities. Thankfully, your skill level can always be enhanced! No matter what sort of talent you were born with, you can always improve. If there’s an area of interest you have yet to explore, you still have the opportunity to do so.  There are no limits to what you can achieve – only limits you have placed on yourself. The greats thrive on challenges, have a passion for learning, and don’t view failures and challenges as a reason to give up. Failures don’t define you or what you are capable of achieving.  Having a growth mindset has allowed some of the most admirable people to persevere in times of doubt and to reach for new solutions in the challenge of adversity.


No matter what anyone has said to you, how society has shaped you, or how you have been knocked down in the past- there is always a learning opportunity that comes from your experiences. Always look for the lesson that can influence you for the better. To be able to tackle the dark times, roll with the good ones, and continue to reach new goals, developing a growth mindset is a major key. A growth mindset puts emphasis on the process, not just reaching a destination. Your strengths, achievements, and failures all contribute to developing your character. It’s all a beautiful part of the journey, and the journey is what should be cherished.  


A growth mindset has the ability to influence all aspects of your life from your career, to relationships, and of course to personal development.  Change is constant; therefore, you can’t sit on a fixed way of living. Being open to learning and growing from the perspectives of others will allow abundance to flow your way. On the other hand, a fixed mindset will only hinder you. Relationships are at a fault when you view others as having to be at a level of perfection you have set in your mind.  You have to be open to growing, supporting, and learning from both the good and the challenging. In relationships, it’s healthy to be able to voice your opinions openly and learn from the perspectives of others. Accepting differences and overcoming confrontations leads to growth and understanding. 


When it comes to work, many believe that the amount of talent or skill level they have is all they will ever have to show or contribute. A fixed mindset desires instant results and neglects the opportunity to keep growing. Many people with this way of thinking also stay within certain boundaries. They don’t challenge themselves to strive for something new. This is an extremely big limiting belief that only holds you back from accomplishing so much more. With determination, hard work, immense focus, and a drive to keep learning and growing you can gain new skills and accomplish whatever you set out to do. 


Your mind is a powerful tool that has a profound effect on how you are living. You are wired for greatness! Continue to stretch and develop yourself. Skills, talents, intelligence, and the ability to live a successful life are all possible and can be developed. There are no limits to what you can achieve when your mind is working in your favor!


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