Happy in Transition

We often enter adulthood with an idea of what our life will look like. We later find out that life doesn’t always reflect the image we had planned. At that moment, we can feel inadequate in failing to create the life we think we want or deserve, but life is a journey not a destination. We must begin to have the attitude that we don’t make mistakes, but take chances. If they don’t work out as planned, we learn and apply it to the next attempt.

As we continue through life, we find that it has a way of humbling us  at times. Often, we will fail at things we thought we had mastered, and figure out where our flaws are and that we cannot control the outcome of everything, especially in love and relationships. Transitioning requires strength and self-control in order to close certain doors we wanted to remain open. Just remember that in some cases, losing is actually winning. There is a saying, “If you don’t bend you will break.” Life is all about bending to navigate the lessons we discover along the way and gracefully transitioning to plan B. When we learn to accept this, we learn to be happy in each season.

-Miss Kris

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