You will always live happy if you live with heart. -yogi

Yesterday I had the pleasure and company of my son and grandson.¬† Two separate occasions.¬† First with my son!¬† He is so happy that I am so happy!¬† I told him that the enemy is trying to stop me.¬† Then I shared a story with him, about my third trip to South Africa, with three other women on behalf of LandMark Education.¬† I had been so use to traveling alone.¬† This was my first international travel experience with a group of individuals I had already known.¬† I said Nardy, my son, I’ve never told this story to anyone other the group of ladies I was on that trip with and I didn’t say anything until I had no choice.¬† Our flight landed us in Germany.¬† We knew we were going to visit a friend in Germany for the day.¬† So we did.¬† I had my carry on bag with me.¬† When we arrived to the home of our native american friend, we had the chance of meeting her native German boy friend.¬† She is an entertainer.¬† Singer, performer.¬† They let us freshen up.¬† I spent some time washing up, changing my clothes.¬† When all of a sudden this spirit came over me.¬† Whenever that happens to me, it feels like a breeze blowing through me.¬† So I stood at attention.¬† You know like a soldier.¬† After a few minutes, I got myself together to join the rest of them in her living room.¬† they were having a good time.¬† Something told me to check my carry on bag.¬† So I did.¬† And what I discovered did not surprise me because spirit had already prepared me for what had already happened while I was freshening up in the bathroom.¬† I closed my bag as if nothing happened.¬† We all formed a circle and began to sing some good old songs.¬† I mean we were singing our butts off.¬† I mean real good too!¬† We ate.¬† We laughed.¬† We took pictures together with one another.¬† The entertainers man showed us around Germany.¬† We road on the autobahn.¬† Wow!¬† That was wild and crazy.¬† Great experience, but I don’t wanna do that one again.¬† By the way the pictures we took together were beautiful all of them.¬† And yet I didn’t breathe a word about the situation at hand.¬† It was time to return to the airport for our final flight to Johannesburg South Africa.¬† We get to our final destination.¬† We were met by our host and on our way to our new home for the time being.¬† after settling down, we all decided to go out for some snacks at the local store.¬† Well mind you all my cash money had been stolen in Germany.¬† And I did not say anything.¬† Everyone had something in their hand to purchase except me.¬† So the planner, sponsor (one of the ladies) of our trip ask me what was going on.¬† Well here is where my son had to leave.¬† He did not have time to hear the whole story.¬† I told him I would fill him in the next time I saw him.¬† Now on with my story… So I told her what had happened.¬† She was shocked.¬† She ask me why didn’t I say something.¬† I do not recall how I answered that because I do recall feeling some kinda way about it after letting her know about it.¬† So I ask her not to say anything about it to anyone..My room and board was already covered.¬† And so was my return flight back home.¬† I did not have to concern myself with all of that…Mind you I had been traveling alone internationally for quite sometime.¬† So I was not gonna worry about it.¬† This was my first time on a mission like this one.¬† By a request for me to travel with her from our sponsor.¬† I happily agreed to do so.¬† So to answer the question, why didn’t I say something?¬† My reason for that was spirit revealed to me who that was.¬† The individual who stole my money.¬† And I had been processing that ever since we left Germany.¬† And it opened my eyes up to a lot of other things.¬† Even right now today.¬† Not only will a man try to break you down when he wants to but also look out for the jealous women that has no reverence for you.¬† My you I was on the trip representing my self as Reverend Celestine Snell.¬† If only they knew that I knew what one of them had done to me.¬† Now on the trip was more foolishness coming from one of the ladies.¬† It was like they were out to break me down for what ever reason that might be.¬† I guess out of their own ignorance.¬† I don’t drink.¬† One night we were out to dinner.¬† It was insisted that I drink a little wine.¬† I was told that a little wine was not gonna hurt me.¬† Man/Woman I could go on and on and on.¬† I was like I said I don’t drink.¬† That is why I love God so much.¬† I believe HE has always revealed to others that I was his tool be to used for HIM.¬† And the light that they could so preciously see was obviously not welcomed.¬† Not even I understood it.¬† But like I have had to let many people know that I ain’t stupid!¬† You can not take my kindness for weakness.¬† Even if you want to.¬† That is on you!¬† Because way deep down inside I knew GOD had always had His hands on me.¬† When I was very young with a lot of vision.¬† I would fight against it.¬† Until I stood still long enough to meditate and pray on it.¬† That is when I began to study His word.¬† I never really say a whole lot about my spiritual journey to anyone.¬† Cause I know they are not gonna understand.¬† And that’s alright by me.¬† I had to learn the tough way.¬† Everybody can’t be around you.¬† You’ve¬† gotta have ENOUGH HEART to understand that, Celestine!¬† And so here I am again.¬† I have learned and I will be, have and do whatever GOD has in-stored for me.¬† 1 Corinthians¬† 2:9;¬† But as it is written, Eye Hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.¬† God truly has great things in store for you His beloved.¬† Thank you for letting me share another story with you.¬† Lessons learned!¬† Lessons taught!¬† Test will come!¬† Test may go!¬† What will you learn?¬† What will you do?¬† I forgive all!¬† I may not forget!¬† I will love you from afar.¬† For I am not weak but very strong.¬† My faith sustains me.¬† Have a Heart!

Your perception of me is none of my BUSINESS.   -Lisa Nichols

Blessings y’all.¬† Peace & Love.

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