Have an amazing Monday!

Good Monday morning everyone!

I hope that you had the kind of weekend you were in need of!

Last weekend I got out and enjoyed myself. This past weekend I stayed in and got many things completed. I’m about to transition to a bigger place (not sure where yet) because my daughter will be moving in with me. We started the process last year….I think it’s been six months now. Because of covid-19 and the new procedures surrounding group home visitations, I still have to wear a mask and stay socially distant from my daughter. We’ve made it almost an entire year without kisses. Although I cannot wait for her to come home, I’d by lying if I said I didn’t have reservations. Her everyday healthcare needs are enormous. She takes a lot of medications and she’s tube fed. I will have to rely on someone coming into our home and assisting us with her daily activities. 

I currently live alone so I guess you could say this is my form of nesting (preparing.) 

Anyway, I’m happy and grateful to start fresh today and I hope you all are as well. Take care of your loved ones and yourself most importantly. Stay blessed 🙂

Coach Quisha Wesley/Reina Quisha

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