He Is Just Not That Into You

Most women are unable to realize when a man is not interested in them. In many cases, it is because he remains in her life even when she tries to shake him loose (break up or cut ties with him). Women sometimes cannot comprehend why a man who is not interested in her sticks around, so how can a woman know if a guy is really interested in them? 


The answer is very simple. He does not give you his time or his heart. When I say time, I mean that the guy has obligations (Job, business, responsibilities, or school full time) and in between those obligations he makes you a priority? Does he call you daily and does HE request to spend quality time with you often and continuously. Texting in a new relationship is not quality time, it is convenience. If the guy does not call daily or he does disappearing acts (ghost you/come in and out of or life and try to pick up where he left off) then he is not interested in you. However, the guy keeps you around to meet his needs at the moment. His needs may be sexual, emotional, or monetary. If a guy gives you his heart then he is emotionally available and focused on you. 


The way a guy speaks to you indicates whether he is interested or even like you as a person. Some men will be with a woman they do not even like because of his own insecurities. This is revealed early in a relationship, but overlooked by so many women. This is the guy that talks to you as if you are gum under his shoe. He talks as if he is disgusted by the simple thought of you. He belittles you. He speaks negatively about your looks, abilities, or personality. He will call you stupid or say you are not worthy of love or respect. He makes mention that he only tolerates you or no other man will ever want you.  This guy is jealous and territorial (although you may incorrectly label this as being overly protective) but at the same time he will cheat on you. Usually this man later resorts to physical aggression if he has not yet become physical.


If a guy cares about you, his actions will match his words even if it later turns out that you two are not compatible. Men, like most people, will try get away with what you allow. If you allow him to come in and out of your life as he pleases or disrespect and devalue you, then he will. At last, no more waiting by the phone to see if this guy will call you or hope that he becomes a better person. Cut off ties without reservation and contemplation, so you can be available for the guy who is into you.  I hope this goes without saying, but the guy you entertain should have honorable character and good values and morals.

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