He is not ready

I would like to explain this from a women’s point of view so that the ladies can know what to look for through their eyes upon knowing a man for a short while. My grandmother always told me to listen more than I talk and you will learn things, people will reveal their true selves if you listen long enough. One of the things that I’ve observed from a grown boy not being ready for a relationship is that he, himself is not even aware that he is not ready. He is oblivious to the fact that he has baggage from his past that he is not let go of so that baggage, that hurt, that bitterness that he has tucked away trying to look tough for the world is weighing him down. To the point where he doesn’t know why he can’t love, why he is angry, why he pushes people away. Because he never healed from the past and does not realized that he hasn’t healed. So Ladies, It’s not you, it’s him. So you have to get out the way and let God.

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