He Is Wasting Your Time?

Today's blog post, "Is He Wasting Your Time?" was inspired by every woman who has ever asked me if a man was wasting their time and I had to tell them yes he most certainly is, but you don't have to allow him to continue to do so. ~If you allow a man to waste your time, you show him you don't value your time and that's costing you your life. Is he worth it?~ Coach Sam

He is wasting your time?

That’s the question that sometimes we’re asking as Queens when we’re dating men.

And today I’m going to answer it and I’m going to give you three ways you can know whether or not the man your dating is wasting your time.

Now, ladies have you ever been on the roadway driving and out of nowhere a driver cuts you off.

And I mean the person was speeding, I mean trying to make it. Clearly, the person was in a hurry. Well, if that’s ever happened to you, let me tell you that happened to me this week. I mean this person was on the gas – doing 65 in the 35.

And I thought to myself either number one the driver had an emergency that held them up. Or number two somewhere along the way the driver was wasting time this morning dragging their feet and is now trying to make up for the time that they wasted.

And you know sometimes relationships are like that. We’re dealing with men and these men are clearly wasting our time.

So, the number one way you can know if a man is wasting your time ladies is if he keeps you waiting.

Because the thing about it is we cannot get our time back. So, if this man that you’re with is constantly keeping you waiting – I mean you waiting on him to do everything. Waiting for him to call you back, waiting for him to call you in the first place, waiting for him to come pick you up, just waiting, waiting, waiting!

Every time you turn around the man has you waiting, waiting, waiting. Like he’s the mailman coming to deliver you some mail. You don’t know when he’s coming. Eventually you know he’s going to come, but you just don’t know when that is.

If you feel like that – like you’re just all the time just waiting that’s a sign he’s wasting your time.

Number two he cancels dates.

Now this man that said five dates with you and he has not followed through and committed to keeping one. Every time date night comes, he has an excuse, he has a reason, he has something that has come up and now he cannot go out on a date with you.

Even though he set another date, you’re just not quite sure he going to follow through with that one either because he always cancels on you. And the cancellation is always at the last minute! Again, that’s a sign this man is wasting your time.

I mean how many emergencies can a brother have? Oh no, he’s not having a bunch of emergencies – all the time – on date night. When it’s time to go out. When it’s time that you all have said that you were going to set aside to get to know one another – now he has an emergency. Now he has something to do. That’s better and more important than seeing you.

Oh no, he wasting your time!

And the third way you can know if he’s wasting your time, which ties into number two – he just doesn’t have any follow through.

Just does not follow through on his commitments and his promises. And that’s a terrible thing to do because now he’s made this commitment. He’s made this promise. Oh, I promise you baby, I promise I’m going to do this.

I promise I’m going to do that. You need to be looking at him with the side-eye…

Because then when it comes time for the promise to be fulfilled, he’s missing. He’s MIA. He’s like Casper the Friendly Ghost. You cannot in the daytime with a flashlight! That’s a problem! He’s wasting your time.

Because guess what there is no way that every time he commits to you – every time he says to you that he’s going to do something – he’s promised you he’s going to do it too, which even worse than just saying that he’s going to do something.

He done promise you! I promise I’m going to do it. I know a lot of times I say things and… and I don’t get to it… but this time is different… I promise…

Like I said, wasting your time… And you have to decide as a Queen how long are you going to let this man waste your time? I mean, really, if you’ve been dating him 2 months, 3 months, 6 months, how much longer are you going to let him waste your time?

Because you can’t get that time back.

Every time he cancels on you – you can’t get that time back.

Every time he says oh, I’m going to call you back in 5 minutes and you’re sitting there by the phone and you’re just waiting and he never calls you back… You done waited so long you decided to call him back out of concern or frustration.

And then he has excuses, explanations, and reasons why…

That’s time you can’t get back! So, I want you to think about that. Because…

~If you allow a man to waste your time, you show him you don’t value your time and that’s costing you your life. Is he worth it?~ Coach Sam


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